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About Menuholderfactory.com:

We are a company focused on creating a product that is made from the best quality materials, and made in the best possible way. We do not believe in anything that will not stand the test of time through its durability and resilience. This is something that will always be in our own corporate philosophy. Quality is a characteristic that is often overlooked in the world and market of today, where people place more importance in the cheaper option, or in the quicker option. Our passion and drive is there to create a product that will outlast all others through its excellence in design, inputs, time and effort.

Our factory in China is designed to take large amounts of orders that can be customized according to your preferences (color, quantity and so on) . We deliver and sell to over 100 countries around the, as well as having offices in the United States and being able to ship from the United Kingdom.


Excellence and Experience:

Through a combination of experience, knowledge and dedication all the employees of Space Lab Enterprises have come together to create high-end menu folders time and time again. From the designers to the warehouse employees there is a constant flow of expertise being placed within each and every product. Excellence is accelerated through the devotion to customers and the satisfaction they have towards the products and services they receive.

All products are handmade, which means that there is no room for technical errors, nor any of the problems in value associated with computerized mass-produced merchandise. We have an eye for taking a product from something good to something great.


The Benefits of Hand Made Goods:

There is an immediate increase in value due to the time and skill being put into the product. It means that each individual product gets separate and specific attention, thereby erasing the potential for mistakes or flaws.

Hand made goods are always made with a higher level of expertise than those mass produced goods, this means that there is no way that they will not last longer than goods that were made in another way.

The purchase of a hand made goods is seen as an investment; you are giving yourself a product that you will be able to keep and use for an extended period of time. Therefore saving you money on future purchases or paying for repairs that would have occurred if the product were of a poorer quality.

Hand made goods open up the possibility of having your requests custom made. You can add your own personal touches and preferences to what you are buying.


Responsibility To The Environment And To Our Own:

Our corporate policy has always been one of fair distribution between all its employees. All labourers have skills and techniques which they bring to the company and they are all compensated accordingly (unlike in machine manufactured goods companies where those at the bottom of the employment chain see very little of the benefit for their hard work). We have never practiced and are firmly against child labour, slave labour or cheap labour.

At our factory we use only safe materials. There are no toxic materials in the products themselves or in the making of the products.


Our Philosophy:

We are looking to revolutionize a market that has gotten stuck in the rut of producing goods as cheaply as possible and sell them as cheaply as possible, no matter what the how poorly the end product comes out, by bringing in a menu folder that is made well, looks good and has only the best inputs of expertise and quality raw materials.

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